Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we use nails in the assembly of the product?

Yes you can. We strongly suggest that you use normal DRYWALL PARTITION SCREWS to fasten planks together. It is not necessary to pre-drill the holes before the screw is fastened.

2. Can I paint MY WASTE PRODUCTS ?

Yes you can as long as you use Enamel Paint, although this defeats the object of maintenance. Once you start to paint the product you will have to keep on painting.

3. What maintenance needs to be done on MY WASTE PRODUCTS ?

MY WASTE PRODUCTS are  a maintenance- free products. This means no Sanding, Painting, Varnishing. (SO.... SIT BACK RELAX AND WATCH THE RUGBY.....)

4. Compared to wood, is MY WASTE PRODUCTS  slippery when wet ?

No.  We found that when wet, the product has a higher co-efficient of friction than wood.. ( In short it is sticky when wet.)

5. Does MY WASTE PRODUCTS  get hot in the sun ?

Yes it does, but cooler than brick paving.

6. Is MY WASTE PRODUCTS hollow ?

No. MY WASTE PRODUCTS PLASTICS is a solid block or pole made up of recycled plastic.

7. What products are recycled to make MY WASTE PRODUCTS ?

There are mainly two types of plastics: POST CONSUMER PLASTIC such as: 2L Milk Bottles, 25L Drums, Plastic Bread Bags, Car Bumpers, Children’s toys and even plastic kitchen containers. Post Industrial Plastic is also used and this is plastic that is termed "SCRAP OR CONTAMINATED PLASTIC" Both of them are used to manufacture our product. The materials are sourced from our network of recyclers found on our sister website “MY WASTE” Please visit to recycle all your recyclables.


8. Compared to the average plank of pine, is the MY WASTE PRODUCTS  plank heavier or lighter to carry?

It is heavier because it is a denser.

10. Can static electricity be generated when walking across the deck?

Yes. In some instances, deck owners have reported generating static electricity when walking across their decks. The static electricity created, if any, is similar to static electricity being created when walking on carpeting.

11. Compared to the average plank of pine, is the MY WASTE PRODUCTS  plank able to take a heavier or lighter load?

It would take a heavier load. Keeping in mind that the support structure needs to be correct

12. How can I cut MY WASTE PRODUCTS ?

You can use your normal woodworking tools such as Circular saws, Woodsaws, Drills and Angle grinders with a sanding disc attached.

13. Can I glue the planks together ?

MY WASTE PRODUCTS  is in the process of formulating a glue that will stick the planks together like conventional wood.

14. Do you have branches Nationwide in South Africa ?

Yes we do. MY WASTE PRODUCTS  also have branches internationally. Please view all of our branches on the "CONTACT US" page.Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!